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Research Scientist at TRINA

Toyota Research Institute of North America, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is seeking a

research scientist to support the in-house research activities starting from August 2023. The

individual will join a team of scientists responsible to develop state-of-art sensing technologies

powered by the cutting-edge quantum materials. The position requires staying abreast of the

emerging fields of quantum materials, quantum optics and low dimensional materials performing

original research, publishing/presenting results and involving in collaborative research.

Candidate must be able to work effectively with a diverse group of scientists and engineers in

collaborative research setting. Position is currently in one year renewals basis with anticipation

of 2+ years of research opportunity.

Key Responsibilities:

• Synthesize pristine materials, engineer spin-defects and characterize several classes of

quantum materials with XRD, Raman, XPS, PL, ODMR and other optical techniques.

• Work closely with a team of scientists to fabricate various types of quantum sensing


• Frequently communicate with materials scientist within the organization.

• Effectively respond to the challenges emerging in materials research.

• Regularly report and present to the research team and managements.

Minimum Requirements:

• PhD degree in the Physical Sciences (Physics/Chemistry), Material Science or related

field or equivalent practical experience with an MS degree.

• Strong background in quantum physics, and/or condensed matter physics and/or quantum


• Experience is synthesizing and defect engineering of low-dimensional materials, and

characterizing quantum emission by various optical techniques.

• Strong verbal and written communication skills.

• Self-motivated, intelligent individual with initiative and drive for overcoming technical


Preferred Requirements:

• Basic knowledge of density function theory (DFT) and molecular dynamics (MD)

simulation to analyze spin-defect formation and understanding of carrier dynamics.

• Record of publication in the areas of quantum materials as 1 st or lead author.

The applicant should send the resume to before August 31st,



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