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Post-Doc positions at Purdue

The Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute is always seeking outstanding postdoctoral researchers. Resumes can be sent to With over 50 faculty members, we often have openings in a number of quantum-related areas, including:

  • Quantum Materials Exploiting quantum physics to manipulate electrons, photons and atoms in quantum materials, with the aim to uncover novel quantum phenomena and new states of matter. One example is topological states of matter that may lead to topologically-protected, fault-tolerant quantum information processing.

  • Quantum Devices Designing and preparing previously unavailable quantum materials including low-loss, tunable, reconfigurable, semiconductor-compatible devices for applications in on-chip circuitry, information processing, data recording/storage, sensing, medical imaging and therapy, energy conversion and quantum information technology.

  • Quantum Photonics Investigating nanoscale photonic structures for applications in quantum computation, communication and sensing. Exemplary projects include single photon quantum emitters, non-linear optics and entangled photon generation, control of interaction with metamaterials and vacuum fluctuation effects.

  • Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Studying light-matter interaction on the scales ranging from single atoms or molecules to macroscopic quantum systems such as Bose-Einstein condensates. Research projects include ultra-cold atoms and molecules, many-body and coherent effects in atomic ensembles, quantum simulation of condensed matter and high energy physics phenomena.

  • Quantum Chemistry Exemplary projects include coherent quantum chemistry, long-range exciton transport in quantum dot superlattices, quantum entanglement in chemical reactions and trying to understand the way in which classic chemical concepts like electronegativity and hardness emerge from basic quantum mechanics.

  • Quantum Informatics Exploring applications of quantum information science, quantum computing, and quantum algorithms to solve real-world problems such as optimization, data science, business, finance, and economics.

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