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Join MITRE’s Quantum Moonshot Project

MITRE is seeking an ambitious and motivated candidate to join MITRE’s Quantum Moonshot Project team as a quantum fabrication engineer. The candidate should have knowledge and experience in fabrication and processing techniques, and the desire to work independently in a hands-on cleanroom environment. In this role, you will coordinate with partners in MIT’s Quantum Photonics Laboratory to streamline and systematically improve recently developed processes for nanofabrication of prototype quantum devices. You will carry out all fabrication steps including lithography, thin-film deposition, and etching in MIT’s state-of-the-art class 100 cleanroom “MIT.Nano.” You will also work with external vendors for substrate acquisition and ion implantation, and collaborate with team members at MITRE, MIT, and Sandia National Labs to test and qualify completed devices. This position is a great opportunity to work independently within a dynamic and fast-paced collaboration, developing technology vital to the manipulation of qubits as a path towards building a universal quantum computer. U.S. citizenship is required.

(post date: 2/17/22)


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