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Second Women's Quantum Programming Workshop at Purdue

Non-Purdue participants, RSVP at this link:

The IQ-PARC@Purdue recognizes the crucial role that women have played in driving the software development during the digital revolution. In light of this, the project is making a conscious effort to attract female scientists and engineers from various disciplines to join the Purdue quantum community.

To achieve this, IQ-PARC is hosting a half-day hybrid workshop for female engineers and scientists at Purdue. The workshop will feature a combination of in-person and webinar sessions, and will provide lunch for those who choose to attend in-person. Renowned industry leaders from companies such as Microsoft, IonQ, and IBM will participate alongside Purdue's professors and students to offer valuable insights and hands-on experience

All participants will receive an official certificate of participation from IQ-PARC. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to participate in subsequent educational events (featuring complimentary access to quantum computing systems) and to be considered for the awards and summer scholarships offered by IQ-PARC.

The Innovation in Quantum Pedagogy, Applications, and its Relation to Culture (IQ-PARC) project is generously funded by the National Defense Education Program (NDEP) under Grant No. HQ0034-21-1-0014.



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